[carpe] Meeting Tonight

Gabriel Sheeley iammcgaber at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 12:06:47 EST 2018

Hope to see everyone tonight.  Zak is doing a talk on embedded Python.  Check the Meetup page for more details.

If you want to follow along with Zak:
$ git clone https://y2kbugger@bitbucket.org/y2kbugger/SAPy.git <https://y2kbugger@bitbucket.org/y2kbugger/SAPy.git>
$ cd SAPy
$ pipenv install --dev # *note
$ pipenv shell # Will launch shell (e.g. bash) in venv
(SAPy) $ jupyter notebook

If you don't have pipenv, install it using your package manager as a user pip package:
    $ pacman -S python-pipenv # arch linux
    $ brew install pipenv # homebrew on osx
    $ pip install --user pipenv # pip

Gabriel Sheeley
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