[colug-432] bulk/automated updating machines with NVidi drivers

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Fri Dec 11 13:35:11 EST 2009

Hi everyone.

I've asked a couple times about administering groups of like machines.
One of these days I'll actually start using Puppet, or a similar
administration automation tool, but that's not likely to be today. :(

We have a lab with half a dozen Linux workstations, all running RHEL
5. We have a number of engineering and modeling applications, for
which 3D acceleration is a requirement. I've got the NVidia binary
drivers installed on these computers.

Every time a new kernel package is released by Red Hat, I'm forced to
manually run the NVidia installer again. I'd like to automate at least
that little piece right now.

How are others tackling this? I know the NVidia installer has
command-line options: is the recommended process to extract the
installer and script the installation?


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