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Dave Maxwell dmaxwell at columbus.rr.com
Fri Dec 18 19:56:52 EST 2009

On Fri December 18 2009, Rob Funk wrote:
> [Maybe on my third attempt I can send this properly....]
> The Linux group up in Canton (where I spent six years of this decade) kind
> of died off for a number of years, but some people I used to work with are
> trying to revive it for 2010. Their tentative list of topics includes: -
> KDE4 and how you use it
> - FireFox Plugins and what you use
> - Security and how you secure your Linux distribution
> - Creating a Linux media box/center
> - Ruby and all its uses and glory
> - Commands you didn't know you should know
> (They alternate these with "geek socializing, hacking and networking".)

We used to have more old school UNIX admins and I always appreciated having 
people around who've probably forgotten more than I'll ever know when thorny 
issues of system administration came up.  Though I've solved more of those by 
furiously shaking Google than asking questions here.  I think better search 
engines have done as much to reduce the need for a local user group as Linux 
itself improving.

I noticed the mention of OS X.  I've been using Linux as an Open Directory 
server for a number of years.  That's a fun setup to muddle through.


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