[colug-432] Microsoft Patents sudo

William Yang wyang at gcfn.net
Sun Nov 15 07:25:30 EST 2009

Richard Holbert wrote:
> http://forums.buckeyefirearms.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5695

This appears to be an overstatement of the patent.


  "Michael B. Einschlag, a partner at Rosenlaw & Einschlag, which
   specializes in open source and intellectual property law, said
   Microsoft's "Right elevator" patent is narrowly framed to cover the
   graphic user interface used to present computer privilege elevation."


  "The misplaced worry about Microsoft's patent may be fueled in part by
   broad dissatisfaction with the patent system on the part of technology
   companies and open source advocates."

William Yang
wyang at gcfn.net

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