[colug-432] GPL Question

Matt Meinwald meinwald.1 at osu.edu
Fri Sep 25 10:27:36 EDT 2009

Sure. If you were given the binary for a GPL program, you have a right 
to the source. If they fail to comply with that request, you should 
probably talk to the gpl-violations.org people. As it is, if they didn't 
include the license text, and neither provided the source code nor have 
a written offer stating you may obtain it, then they already did 
something wrong.

I am not a lawyer, but that is my understanding.

Matt Bond wrote:
> Where I worked we purchased some mobile routers for vehicles. I 
> believe they told me it uses linux as it’s operating system. Do I have 
> the right to request the source code for any GPL’d software they 
> distribute with their device?
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