[colug-432] SELinux == Sadness

Jeff Frontz jeff.frontz at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 10:29:44 EDT 2010

My experience with SELinux has always led me to disable it
immediately.  Does anyone actually leave it on in a production system
(and by "production system", I mean one that-- when it goes down-- has
your CEO immediately and actively monitoring every one of your bodily
functions until the system is up and running normally again)?

Having an arcane piece of software suddenly decide that it doesn't
really want that process to write to /tmp or consume a bit more memory
or use the CPU or have a PID-- right in the middle of that critical
movement of the robot arm or the database update for the quarterly
financial reports to the SEC-- call me crazy, but I don't really need
that help, thanks.

Am I just ignorant of how to configure it?  [that's a partially loaded
question-- if you answer "yes", you'll surely be contacted about
giving a talk at some upcoming COLUG meeting]


On Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 3:00 AM, Joshua Kramer <josh at globalherald.net> wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with this - SELinux in the new RHEL6 beta?

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