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Angelo McComis angelo at mccomis.com
Thu Dec 9 08:58:06 EST 2010

Welcome, Jay.

You'll find this list to be fairly low-volume but if you have a specific
questions, you'll find no better venue for getting great answers.

Tell us: what do you want Linux to do for you? Are you a hobbyist looking to
cut ties to Microsoft products? Perhaps Linux is in your workplace and
you're looking to get some knowledge about Linux for businesses. Whatever
the topic, you'll get good answers here.

- Angelo

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On Dec 8, 2010, at 10:07 AM, Jay Westfall <jaywestfall at gmail.com> wrote:

I just wanted to say hello. I am a very new user of Linux.  I am running
Ubuntu 10.10 duel booting XP. Excited to get on and learn more about Linux.

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