[colug-432] alias vi=vim in vim-gnumaxed: who do I rant at?

Jeff Frontz jeff.frontz at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 18:51:25 EST 2010

We're just moving to FC12 from FC7 as a desktop environment. As part
of the move, I just spent about a half hour trying to figure out why
vi (vim) was ignoring my EXINIT variable (which explicitly sets "cp"
so that I can keep the clean vi interface that I first bumped my head
against 25 years ago).

After lots of poking and googling and stracing and looking for secret
rc files, a co-worker (props to Franco) said "check your aliases".
"Huh?" I think-- I don't alias things like that, but I checked anyway
and found vi=vim.


Who would do something ridiculous like make a global alias that would
mask out something in /bin (namely, /bin/vi) for everyone on a machine
(except the privileged few with UIDs < 200), you might ask?

Hint: it's in /etc/profile.d/vim.sh, so it must be the developers of a
well thought-out package if they're doing it for the whole freakin'
planet and making it part of the default install on Fedora.

Hint 2: It's the developers who threw the mantra "Do one thing and do
it well" to the wind and decided it was a good idea to add a perl and
python interpreter into an editor (much the way some brainiac decided
a lisp interpreter was a great addition to emacs).

Still not sure?

Why, it's the developers of the vim-enhanced package, of course!

Vi-breaking package, more like.

$ sudo yum -y remove vim-enhanced # take THAT, dorks!



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