[colug-432] Script Help

Tom Hanlon tom at functionalmedia.com
Mon Mar 8 23:24:33 EST 2010


Any advice on how to create a script that deletes files older than a  
week ?

The backup script is creating files in a subdirectory per database, so  
I will have like 3 folders.

The files are named..

Once the file is created it is not moved.. So in addition to the date  
encoded in the name we also have the ability to delete based upon  
creation time

-rw-r--r--   1 root     root         424 Mar  9 02:02  

Thanks for any advice..

I will run man ls , after I send this and probably see what I need to  
filter on. Then again by the time I get back to my email you all will  
have multiple ways to skin this cat as well.



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