[colug-432] Linux Webcam Recommendation

Larry Howell lhowell at speakeasy.net
Sat Dec 17 13:22:40 EST 2011

Stephen P. Molnar wrote:
> Can anyone recommend an inexpensive (i.e., cheap) webcam that is Linux 
> capable?  Preferably that is available someplace here in Columbus.  A 
> web search has proved not to be useful.
> Thanks in advance.

I picked up two WinBook WV-6185 at Micro Center a few months ago for $13 
each.  I think they were discontinued models at a closeout price, but 
several other models are available.  They are 1.3 MP USB UVC (Universal 
Video Class) webcams that are supported by the Linux v4l2 kernel module 
and work out of the box.  Here's a general description:


They appear as /dev/video0 and so on.  I've used them on Debian and 
related distros with applications such as "cheese" and "motion", but RH 
distros should have no problem.  Basically, v4l2 supports any UVC camera.


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