[colug-432] More Centos^WUbuntu

Larry Howell lhowell at speakeasy.net
Wed Dec 21 10:25:18 EST 2011

Steve VanSlyck wrote:
> Can I get Linux Mint's desktop without the entire distro? I s'pose not.

No.  The numbered versions are based on Ubuntu (Mint 12 is current, 
based on 11.10), but have significant tweaks throughout.  There are 
other variants.  The Debian one is cherry-picked from Debian unstable 
and is a rolling release.
I tried a Ubuntu 10.10 beta netbook remix with Unity on my Asus EeePC 
netbook, and after a month dumped it for Mint 10 because Unity sux. 
Mint's menu layout is compact and logical, and I'm very happy with this 
distro on the netbook.


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