[colug-432] Death of the Desktop?

Tom Cranston thomas.w.cranston at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 11:20:14 EST 2011

As I said before I really do not like Unity.

I understand the urge to work with mobile devices. I am not
against pointy clicky if it exposes more people to Linux.
Sometimes a picture (icon) is worth a thousand words. 

Last year we test drove  a new (2011) Ford Focus. We
decided against it as the dashboard was overwhelming. Just
too much input. It felt like driving a mobile device.

This fall Autoline Detroit
discussed the Ford Focus and gave it poor review on design
in regards to the dashboard. Too much stuff. They said that
Automobile design is going toward the mobile device look
and feel to satisfy the customers desire for an
entertainment environment.

Autoline detroit may appear on your local PBS, or cable.
Unlike Autoweek, they don't test drive cars, etc, rather it
interviews Automoble Execuitives, designers , and
engineers. Think Charley Rose for gear heads.

Let's hope that desktop design looses the tail fins in
favor of functionality.


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