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Michael Yanovich yanovich.1 at osu.edu
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WhisperSystems makes a ROM that provides low-level encryption for phone
storage and external storage (sd-card). Included in the ROM is an app
called Whisper Monitor, that allows you to set network permissions based
on ip + port, ip, port, or any for once, until reboot, or permanent.

Twitter recently acquired them and they had pulled all their
applications and their ROM. However, recently they have re-released
TextSecure (their app for sending/receiving encrypted text messages) as
open source. The rumours seem to be that the other applications might
become open sourced. Though Moxie has countless messages on their
"questions" page about making everything available again. So it'd be
something to look forward to.


On 12/29/2011 05:04 PM, gmail wrote:
> Rooting is the way to go for a phone... free wifi tether and
> over/underclocking being the primary reasons for me.  There is a
> permissions checker/restrictor on the Market... I haven't personally
> checked it out but it looked rather promising.  Needs root.
> Sorry I can't advise re: contacts... this is about as social as I get :-P
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