[colug-432] Mounting plaintext FS under encrypted fs

Joshua Kramer josh at globalherald.net
Tue Jan 25 11:15:49 EST 2011


Does anyone know if it's possible to mount a non-encrypted FS under an 
encrypted one?

Suppose /home/josh is on its own encrypted partition.  Can I then mount 
another non-encrypted partition under /home/josh/dev?

I just got a new netbook and I'm attempting to find a good balance between 
encrypting my home directory and not incurring a CPU hit when I want to 
compile code?

Allthough, the thought just occurred to me that maybe I can simply have a 
"development user" that I use to compile code... and dump all the large 
and high-bandwidth items under a /home/shared directory.  I think 2G of 
ram should be enough to have both users logged in at once.

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