[colug-432] Mounting plaintext FS under encrypted fs

Rob Haag rhaag71 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 00:52:51 EST 2011

Ahh, I stopped storing passwords w/ the browser when I discovered
g-pass...it's clunky (at least the slightly older version in the Ubuntu
repo), but I find it to be very useful and portable. I'm sure there some
data somewhere in my home directory that I'm not protecting though, but less
of a worry w/ a non-portable as well. I start to get really paranoid when it
comes to using a mobile device. Sorry I don't have more to offer for help, I
was just taking interest in your interesting problem :)

Rob Haag

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 8:02 PM, Joshua Kramer <josh at globalherald.net>wrote:

>  My 'Split' plan was to just encrypted external media, of which most of are
>> installed all the time. On a Netbook, maybe just encrypt a large SD card
>> and
> Well, if all I wanted to store was documents it wouldn't be a biggie.  But
> then I thought... hey... all the passwords I have stored in the browser, I
> don't want those floating around either, so I'd like to have my .mozilla
> directory also encrypted.  It was just easier to encrypt the whole home
> directory.
> It looks like I'm going to need a few hours to study how the fuse-based
> encryption under RedHat works.  I have a couple of encrypted partitions on
> my disk but it's not clear how they work.  I can decrypt them if I enter the
> root password first...
> Does anyone know of a good step-by-step document about how this works?
> Thanks,
> -Josh
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