[colug-432] Stoopid Question

Joshua Kramer josh at globalherald.net
Wed Jan 26 10:38:07 EST 2011

> It's even worth considering putting the language itself outside the package
> system (and therefore outside /usr). I don't know about Python, but that
> seems to be the preferred direction in the Ruby world.

In the RH 4 days when they had Python 2.2 and I required Python 2.4, I did 
this.  Now the Pythons are sufficiently caught up that having extra 
language installation causes confusion.  For example, if I were to do an 
extraneous installation of Python 2.6 on a RHEL6 box, it would require me 
to resolve library conflicts because the library loader would need to 
differentiate between the shared libraries of the "system" Python and 
those of the extraneous Python.

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