[colug-432] Top Photo Printers (not AIO) for linux

Jon Miller jonebird at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 18:22:51 EDT 2011

How about a Kodak ESP Office 2170?

Okay, nevermind... Kodak doesn't have a Linux driver and my FC15 build
isn't making it easy for me to check for which models it knows about.

But I have been intrigued by that site and notice how it's powered my
reviews via the reevoo.com site?
Try this category: http://www.reevoo.com/browse/product_type/printers

I otherwise have no advice for you... I have a b/w printer which
_maybe_ prints one or two pages a year. Good luck hunting.

-- Jon Miller

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 6:07 PM, R S Prigan <lordscotus1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings
> I am seeking recommendations.
> I may be in the market for a new *photo* printer.  I want high
> quality, longevity, and best linux compatibility.  I seek a photo
> printer, not an all in one, with the compromises that usually entails.
>  The printer should be accessible by ethernet -- or just via CUPS to
> other printers on network.  (If not network version it will probably
> be hooked up to Ubuntu or openSUSE box.)  It will likely have low to
> moderate usage.
> In the past I have had an
>   *  Epson 720 (?)  --  had to do some tricks back then to get it to
> work - eventually the jets clogged  (I got a pile of photo paper in an
> Epson class action settlement ... and still have much of it!
>   *  HP  Photosmart 7960 -- I really liked this one (HPLIP, etc). It
> made adequate photos,  has a card reader --  and with HP, every new
> cartridge has a new "print head"/jets (though expensive)  ...   but
> now it has screwed up electronically such that when one tries to
> access it it freezes up!!!  It will print of the card reader OK, but
> now the ink tank is running out, and it is sehr teuer!!
> I've got an old Canon Pixma IP1500 lying around (with dried up ink
> cartridges).  I *can* get it to respond with (trial ver.) turboprint
> ($).  It is "experimental" in the latest Gutenprint, but seems not to
> respond.  (I've tried other things - e.g. drivers from Canon EU with
> little effect).
> ...  I thought of buying a couple of (cheap vs. HP) cartridges, but
> fear throwing that $ away since the jets may be clogged after sitting
> for a couple of years.  It also has no card reader, and only two ink
> tanks (black and combo color) ...
> I just started looking.  Most places seem to push AOI's -- but I
> already have aa HP j4580 (not too good on handling media other than
> letter/legal).  It seems some of the 13" "pro" printers are reasonable
> - others quite pricey.  Frankly, 11" is probably good enough.
> I solicit your experience and advice.  I don't like having to run to
> Walgreens every time my daughter needs a couple of 4x6's, when I'm
> sitting on a mountain of assorted photo paper.
> Regards
> Scott
> OSApostle.com
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