[colug-432] KVM management

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Wed Aug 8 12:09:43 EDT 2012

On Wed, 8 Aug 2012, Joshua Kramer wrote:

> I recently got a laptop (HP dm4) with an i3 and 8 gigs of 
> RAM.  After making recovery disks, I wiped the included 
> Windows 7 Home Premium and installed CentOS 6.  Through an 
> MSDN subscription I got the ISO of a vanilla install of 
> Windows 7 Home Premium, and I'm running that through KVM 
> (using the license key provided with the laptop).

I am in process along that path as well ... I was rushed for 
time the last time my laptop died, and I ended up with one 
that did not support haardware vrtualization.  Doing a 
hardware refresh, I just picked up with a new [nominally 
'refurbed' as to pricing at MC, but the date codes disagree 
and say it is current new production ;)] HP lappie with an i3 
processor, 4G of ram that I bumped to the max of 8.  No 
commercial software subscriptions here, so I ordered in the HP 
'System Recovery' disks

My plan is to see if I can re-create the HP recovery 
partitions, do a 'native' Windows' install in a smaller set of 
partitions, and ALSO get a LVM based CentOS 6 KVM, and so have 
both native Windows, and possibly domU based Windows under KVM 
as dual boot

I picked up a better drive as well -- the one HP shipped the 
unit with had the worst Toms Hardware review I have ever seen 
-- and picked up a higher end 5 yr warranted Seagate unit

-- Russ herrold

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