[colug-432] Fwd: Anybody have a NIC that supports queuing Jumbo packets?

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Fri Jul 6 21:30:47 EDT 2012

Jon Miller <jonebird at gmail.com> wrote:

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>From: "Jon Miller" <jonebird at gmail.com>
>Date: Jul 6, 2012 6:37 PM
>Subject: Anybody have a NIC that supports queuing Jumbo packets?
>To: "Central OH Linux User Group" <colugx at colug.net>
>I'm researching something at work and thus far our x86 hardware variety
>NICs hasn't uncovered a model / firmware / driver combination that
>supported queuing of Jumbo packets. So, I'm curious what the rest of
>might find with your HW setups? Try this, if you don't mind:
>ethtool --show-ring eth0 # or substitute for your particular interface
>What I'm interested in learning is if any of you are seeing a non-zero
>value for "RX Jumbo" for the pre-set maximums? If are you seeing a
>value, what is your driver / firmware level? (ethtool -i eth0)
>Jon Miller
># And for kicks, here is a little shell excerpt to find such a NIC too:
>(copy & paste this if you'd like)
>for inf in $(ip link show | sed -n 's/^[0-9]*: \([^:]*\):.*/\1/p'); do
>JUMBO_RING_SIZE=$(($(ethtool --show-ring $inf 2>&1 | sed -n -e
>hardware settings/,$d' -e '/^RX Jumbo/p' | awk '{ print $NF }')+0))
>  if [ -n "${JUMBO_RING_SIZE}" -a "${JUMBO_RING_SIZE}" -gt 0 ]; then
>    echo "Found one for you, Jon, on interface $inf"
>    ethtool -i $inf
>  fi
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