[colug-432] September Meeting Announcement

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Sun Sep 16 12:05:08 EDT 2012

Central Ohio Linux Users Group
Date: Wednesday, September 26 2012 from 7 PM to 9 PM local

Meeting Presentation
"ipv6: This is Not Your Father's Internet"

"You may have heard rumours of the death of IPv4. It's true! "He's
dead, Jim." The last of the unused allocations ran out more than a
year ago. But
don't panic. Just recite the Boy Scout motto: 'Be Prepared.' And then
remember the words of Churchill: 'We have nothing to fear but NAT.'
(Okay ... the latter is not an actual quote.)"

Our own Rick Troth will give you a rough overview of:
 * getting IPv6 from a tunnel broker
 * enabling Linux as an IPv6 router
 * enabling IPv6 on Linux
 * some explanation about IPv6 contrasted with IPv4

Bring questions.  (Why do I need this?)
Bring hardware.  (ie: laptops ... or raspberries)

The upcoming meeting is open to the general public, and all with an
interest in networking, Free Software, Open Source, Linux, BSD, Unix,
Windows, are invited.

There are no dues or fees.

The September 2012 meeting will be held at:

 Manta Media
  8760 Orion Pl
  Columbus, OH 43240

Check out the mostly empty web site at: http://www.colug.net/

Send administrative mail to colugx at colug.net with any questions.

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