[colug-432] Key signing party at OLF 2012?

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Mon Sep 24 10:20:06 EDT 2012

Hopefully we are all aware that Ohio Linux Fest is this weekend.
There will be a PGP/GPG key signing at OLF on Friday night.

I'll be talking about IPv6 WEDNESDAY night at COLUG at Manta Media.
I can take five minutes to offer pointers about the key signing.  It's cool!

If you have a PGP key pair, it's a good idea to acquire signatures.
It boosts your reliability in the "web of trust".  (Or gets you into
the WoT to begin with.)  A key signing party is one way to jump-start
your signature collection.

For more information about Friday's event ...


For an overview of the Web of Trust ...


For explanation about key signing parties ...


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