[colug-432] Insight, TW, WOW, VoIP

Mark Aufdencamp mark at aufdencamp.com
Mon May 6 17:43:30 EDT 2013

Jacked the Voice circuit to $40 a month.  Not really market competitive
when WOW will do it for $10.  That tells me that they just don't want to
be in the voice business any longer.

Not happy that as I reviewed the bill (Wife usually pays it and
complained about the voice increase), I discovered that the cable modem
had been moved to a monthly lease after we initially purchased a cable
modem from them.  I'm guessing this had to do with a service call last
year when I was at a conference.  Regardless of whether the modem
actually got fried, (We've had past grounding issues on the coax local
loop) the replaced hardware wasn't left for me to know.  I'll be
researching that one further!

I will say in Insight's defense, that they have far out performed AT&T
U-Verse.  I had a circuit with U-Verse a while back, including a static
IP block.  It went down, and they couldn't acknowledge that they even
had a problem.  U-Verse would rewire your house, but didn't have a clue
about checking whether they could ping anything out on the circuit. 
Guess you had to be in the Union to actually check the software side of
things! After 8 weeks I gave up and will NEVER do business with AT&T

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> Subject: Re: [colug-432] Insight, TW, WOW, VoIP
> From: Stephen Potter <spp at unixsa.net>
> Date: Mon, May 06, 2013 5:12 pm
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> On 5/6/2013 2:19 PM, Mark Aufdencamp wrote:
> > The recent acquisition of Insight by TW has nearly doubled by
> > cable/internet/voice bill.  Past atrocious service by AT&T, leaves me
> > with the sole option of WOW.  Fortunately, it's available in my
> > neighborhood.
> What has changed for you?  My Insight rates are exactly the same as 
> they've been for almost a year.
> -spp
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