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Fri May 10 12:44:38 EDT 2013

I may be taking care of my daily "what the $@#! is he babbling about"
statement of the day here but what version of make are you using?  I had a
SIMILAR problem in the past and the version of make ended up being the

On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 9:46 PM, Rick Troth <rmt at casita.net> wrote:

> Has anyone built PROCPS recently?
> On my home-brew systems, I've had trouble getting the package to
> compile for more than a year.  At this point, I really want to get
> some clean-room fresh builds, so I don't want to carry forward an old
> build.
> I've tried a range of releases (of the source, for which a dozen older
> releases are still available on the SF site for the project ... atta
> boys well deserved).  With most of the older (3.1.x) I get linker
> errors starting with missing "Hertz".
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