[colug-432] tmux escape codes

Chris Clonch chris at theclonchs.com
Thu May 16 16:35:13 EDT 2013

Can you post your config?  Although I haven't printed via a tmux 
session, I can compare it to mine.  Tmux should only respond when you 
first send your prefix keys, everything else should pass through.


On 2013-05-16 07:27, Greg Sidelinger wrote:
> I've search the internet for this but have been unable to find an
> answer.  Does anyone know how to tell tmux to not "eat" an escape
> code?  I use terminal escape codes to send data to my printer over ssh
> sessions.  However when running in tmux it "eats" the escape codes and
> I get the print data outputted to my screen instead of having my ssh
> client get the codes and send it on to the printer.
> These are the escape codes I'm currently trying to tell tmux to
> pass through to my terminal.
> 33[5i
> 33[4i
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