[colug-432] Internet cafe crackdown?

Steve VanSlyck s.vanslyck at spamcop.net
Wed May 22 17:03:47 EDT 2013


COLUMBUS ? An effective ban on Internet cafes targeted as illegal  
gambling operations has cleared the Ohio Legislature after more than  
two years of wrangling.

The Ohio Senate passed the measure on 27-6 vote Wednesday, less than a  
year after blocking passage of a similar bill. Testimony by owners and  
employees of sweepstakes parlors failed to persuade legislators that  
the more than 620 cafes should continue.

Gov. John Kasich is expected to sign the measure.

Senate Republicans announced a change of heart on the legality of the  
cafes last month after a briefing by top state law enforcers,  
including Attorney General Mike DeWine.

Proponents contend the cafes are legal.

Also Wednesday, the Ohio House was set to vote on a bill extending  
Ohio?s moratorium on the cafes and imposing a new reporting requirement.

thomas.w.cranston at gmail.com wrote:

> Can anybody fill me in on the Internet cafe crackdown proposed by State
> lawmakers in Ohio. I saw a blurb about it in the Dispatch from afar via
> the Internet.

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