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Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Wed Sep 3 10:42:18 EDT 2014

Here's an update on CeroWRT and IPv6 and TWC at casita.net.

Looks like TWC IPv6 residential, at least in current circumstances, is
*better* than I originally thought, even *better* than what many
consider the norm.

I saw the /128 on the assigned IPv6 address and presumed they gave me a
single address. In readings, I've seen /64 and I've seen (what appeared
to be) singles. However ... the router is handing out its own /64 leases
to machines behind it ... and they get out. Also, the router varies a
16-bit prefix of its own (across a half dozen logical interfaces). This
leads me to believe that _TWC gave me a /48_! Wow.

I retract every nasty thing I said about them.   :-)

Still have *a lot* to learn about CeroWRT (and OpenWRT and DD-WRT and
all their cousins).
Still have a lot to learn about dynamic IPv6. The router seems to be
handing out (semi?) random addresses (first 48 bits being consistent and
the following 16 bits being per-interface, as noted). All of them get
out and are properly end-to-end visible. For "client" systems (laptop,
desktop, tablet, phone), some consumers will appreciate the variations.
(The world still thinks there is security in obscurity.) But for
"server" systems, I gotta figure out how to nail down the assignments.
Can't get away from the brokered tunnel until I can set server addrs

-- R; <><

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