[colug-432] Insurers track driver behavior via smartphones

Chris Clonch chris at theclonchs.com
Wed Sep 10 20:44:38 EDT 2014

On 09/05/14 22:36, Rick Hornsby wrote:
> I want to upgrade my non-BT OBD-II monitor to a BT enabled one so it 
> can throw the data onto my phone.  I forget to take the current one 
> out, plug it into USB, fire up a Windows VM, download the information 
> etc.  I already have an iPhone app (Roadtrip) I've been using for 
> several years to punch in the ODO, volume, and price when I refuel. 
>  It is one of those really reliable, used on a regular basis apps that 
> I'm glad I bought.  I'd like to use the BT OBD-II to track other 
> engine data as well though.
I have one of the cheap ELM 327 based bluetooth scanners sold through 
Amazon.  They work fairly well although they function in a serial manner 
so the data is polled every X seconds.  The more datapoints you collect, 
the longer the polling interval.  The result is data is smoothed out, 
sometimes a little too much to be useful.

I find the code reading abilities much more useful.  I use Torque on my 
Android phone, which automatically queries the web to translate them 
into meaningful information.


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