[colug-432] Setting Up New Servers

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Thu Apr 16 11:57:45 EDT 2015

On 04/16/2015 11:05 AM, Scott Merrill wrote:
> The most popular solutions are generally Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and Salt.
I've used all of those "professionally", although I'm very new to Salt.  
For personal use I use Ansible because it is very simple and the docs 
are good.  I am liking Salt though, it is very fast and scalable.  Chef 
and Puppet are fine, but overkill for a few servers.  You also might 
want to consider using something you would want to use at work.

I just rebuilt my home server a few weeks ago, installed the OS, ran 
Ansible and 5 minutes later it was ready for my list of a few things 
that I don't want config management doing or writing it would be too 
time consuming.  Last week I put Ubuntu 15.04 on my laptop and after the 
install Ansible took 5 minutes, then I copied the home dirs back and was 
done.  I suppose copying home dirs could be automated also.


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