[colug-432] Tar and symbolic links...

Joshua Kramer joskra42.list at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 19:41:19 EDT 2015


I am working on an embedded device.  I want to preserve the CF card;
it is the only storage on the device.  So, I figured I would try to
put /var in a RAM disk.  I found a handy link describing how to do


I didn't follow those directions exactly; instead, I use the scripts
as they were but created systemd services for startup and shutdown.
This works great, except for one thing... symbolic links!

Under EL7, /var/run is linked to /run, and /var/lock is linked to
/run/lock.  When the first script runs (the script that un-tar's /var
into the RAM disk), .var/run and /var/lock never get created properly.

Is there some way to force tar to capture these links?

Platform: Raspberry Pi 2, RedSleeve Enterprise Linux 7.  (RedSleeve is
a RedHat clone for 32-bit ARM systems.)


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