[colug-432] linker is being PICky

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Sat Jun 27 11:49:16 EDT 2015

>From time to time, I run into an error where the link phase of
[re]building a program fails. It can't resolve something and tells me to
compile with "-fPIC", position independent code.

Today and yesterday, I'm building a particular package which has a few
dependencies (which I also built). I'm having to re-do the dependencies
with "-fPIC", and the errors are falling one by one. But I have a question.

Why would PIC not be the default?
Or why would autoconfig/automake not figure out that "-fPIC" is needed?

I've had great success with "just build it" (letting automake/autoconf
figure things out). Sometimes I have to manually intervene. Usually the
intervention makes sense and I can automate some detail going forward.
This one has me kon-foozed.

-- R; <><

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