[colug-432] expired and 'lost' domain question

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Wed Nov 4 11:15:19 EST 2015

An incautious customer had 'ownership' of a domain which they 
and not I was to watch and renew.  As happens three or four 
times a year, they messed up, missed the renewal (thus lost 
'ownership'which is of course simply a 'rental' of domains), 
and did not call while it was still 'redeemable'

A couple of offshore domain wholesalers have acquired it, but 
the registration has been in chrun, as though it is being 
passed around from one 'registrar free 5 day sniff / 30 day 
redemption' to another, and so not really being paid for

In years past, I have simply placed a backorder with Godaddy 
or Enom, and grabbed it when the brokers decided there was no 
interest in the domain and stopped the 'toss the potato' drill

But the Godaddy and Enom registrars seem to have decided that 
acting as an agent is not profitable enough, and they now have 
what appear to be partner or captive that will 'Domain Buying' 
'services' that will buy, and then mark up and sell it to me 
-- a pretty easy sell of course, but more $$ for them ;(

Gandi does not appear to have a backordering service, and at 
that point, I am out of registrars that I regularly use

Does anyone have a recommendation not named above, that does 
not treat its principals as sheep to be sheared as to a simple 
'backorder' process?

-- Russ herrold

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