[colug-432] DHCP/bootp broadcast question

Stephen Potter spp at unixsa.net
Tue Nov 10 17:29:46 EST 2015

I've got a bit of a strange situation.  I'm probably just missing 
something easy, but right now I'm stuck.

I'm building a new Satellite 6 virtual machine including DHCP, PXE, 
Kickstart, etc.  I've got an existing Satellite 5 VM running on the same 
ESX host on the same VLAN, same portgroup, same services but difference 
DHCP scope.  I've attached the S6 to my vCenter, so I can do one stop 
provisioning.  When I create the new VM in Satellite6, I can see it get 
created on a different ESX host by vCenter and powered up, but the DHCP 
times out and the actual build never happens.

If I run tcpdump on both the S5 and S6 (remember, same ESX host, same 
VLAN, same portgroup), on S5 I can see the DHCP request traffic.  On the 
S6 host, I don't even see the traffic.  I've disabled the firewall and 
SElinux on the S6 box, so they aren't getting in the way.  Normal 
networking between the two ESX hosts, nothing blocking traffic from the 
switch standpoint.

What am I missing?

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