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                                 MEETING NOTICE

   Central Ohio Linux User Group
   Date: Thursday, November 12 2015, 7 - 9 PM EDT


   Learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux Identity Management and its upstream
   project, FreeIPA, can secure your *nix environment with an open source,
   centralized, and standards based solution built on top of well known
   Open Source components and standard protocols. This integrated security
   information management solution combines Linux, 389 Directory Server,
   MIT Kerberos, NTP, DNS, Dogtag certificate system, and SSSD to provide
   easy management and automation of installation and configuration tasks.

   There will be a demonstration of full multi-master replication for
   higher redundancy and scalability, configuring host-based access
   control, centrally-managed users, groups, and sudoers using the web GUI
   and CLI. Additionally, we will explore two-factor authentication in Red
   Hat Enterprise identity management using Soft Tokens generated by

                               About the speaker

   Josh Preston is a recovering Unix Engineer with 10+ years experience in
   securing and supporting large, complex web based companies in many
   verticals including retail, finance, entertainment, telecommunications,
   government, and utilities. Josh left the dark side to become an open
   source evangelist and bring the light of open innovation to the masses.

   The upcoming meeting is open to the general public, and all with an
   interest in Linux, Free Software, Open Source Software, Windows, BSD,
   Unix, OS X, SELinux, virtualization, development, Raspberry Pi,
   firewalls, WiFi, security, authentication, identity, Kerberos, LDAP,

   As always, feel free to bring with you any ailing or problematic
   systems for expert diagnosis (or destruction).

   There are no dues or fees.


   The meeting will be held at:
       2500 Corporate Exchange Drive
       Columbus, OH 43231
       The conference room is on the third floor just beside the
       elevators. There will be signs, and the front doors auto-lock at 6,
       so someone will be out front working the door.

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