[colug-432] RHEL Satellite v5 api user privileges

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The new Sat6 API is the core of everything. The GUI uses the RET API and so does the Hammer CLI. 
Check out this article to see how easily you can do things with the hammer CLI:
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Satellite 6 is a REST API. 
https://satellite/api/v2/hosts?per_page=1000 will return you a json-formatted list of the first 1000 of your hosts. Obviously adjust the per_page to meet your needs - the default is 20.

You can probably do it with one curl call :-)
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> You are not missing anything. I have seen this before with other automation I have done. Pretty much anything useful needs a power user. The API is old and just not that soohisticated from an RBAC perspective (Sat6 is much more sophisticated).


> Long story short, I have historically kept scripts as root only, directly on the Satellite box..

Thanks, that helps.  We'll be moving to Satellite 6 at some point here, but we're not there yet.  Hopefully the access controls are better, but (that aside) the API stays this easy to use.

Seriously - it's basically two lines in perl or ruby - call auth.login to get a session key, and call system.getId to get a list of hosts.  It can't get much easier.  Despite the scary sounding name XMLRPC, the rest of the API looks basically just as easy.


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