[colug-432] PowerPC hardware recommendations

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Wed Sep 16 14:27:47 EDT 2015

I have an iMac that I got from a friend.
Put Ubuntu on it and then 'chroot' the home-brew stuff. Works.

Interestingly, the guys at the office had a need for some PPC Linux
stuff. I was able to crank out POC and verification. But now ... maybe
do more? But if we do more, "they" will want to do it on a company-owned
machine. Duh. I get it. (And I don't really want the liability.)

Anyway ... what kind of machine would y'all recommend? It's not needed
for production work. It's not even a primary architecture. (Does need to
be 64-bit, so has to be a fairly recent box.)


-- R; <><

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