[colug-432] IPv6 adventures

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Fri Sep 18 18:54:14 EDT 2015

Related ... my son and I have been trying to bring up a SixXS tunnel
(AYIYA mode) on Windows 7. This worked last year; same machine. But we
seem to have lost the magic incantation. (That or a recent patch push
has clobbered some feature or function.)
Anyone else tried this SixXS on Windows?

The SixXS console program opens a new window which immediately closes.

I'm still looking for the exact .EXE we had this time last year.

I gotta say that mixed 32/64 is funky on Windows at best. Then again,
part of this equation involves drivers, so MS gets a pass. (And to my
shock I learned this week that FreeBSD took the same "64 is default"
route as Windows, "/usr/lib" being 64 with a "/usr/lib32". So much for
legacy 32-bit as we know and love from Linux.)

-- R; <><

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