[colug-432] cable modem fun

Vince Herried Vince at PlanetVince.com
Tue Apr 19 17:17:39 EDT 2016

I had some issues with my cable modem lately.  I ended up installing nagios
and then writing
two bash scripts you may find useful
the first one http://planetvince.com/tools/check_cableModem.html
checks the uptime in days of the modem

the 2nd one http://planetvince.com/tools/check_cableModemSignal.html
checks the signal to noise ratio.

you don't need nagios to use them, just check the return codes

For example
# check_cableModem -c 1
would set a non zero return code if the modem had less than one day since
it last booted

# check_cableModemSignal -c 30
would set a non zero return code if any of eight signal to noise ratios was
less than 30.

I am interested in comments on both,  my bash coding is not great
and it seems like they could be simplified.  Especially the 2nd one.

Background info,  the cable modem supports SNMP queries and I found an old
However I also found that my ISP ( Time Warner ) blocks SNMP queries.  I
tested by disconnecting the modem from the cable then cycling the power.
When the modem came up I was able to get some of the SNMP queries to work.
As soon as I connected the modem to the cable it SNMP  queries all timed

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