[colug-432] 2015-04-22 GDIC Scribbles home automation sharepoint nest thermostate smartthings samsung upb zigbee insteon ifthisthenthat x10 apple home kit

Rick Hornsby richardjhornsby at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 23:48:07 EDT 2016

> On Apr 22, 2016, at 21:31, jep200404 at columbus.rr.com wrote:
> Twitter @gdicbus
> http://girldevelopit.com/chapters/columbus
> http://gdicbus.github.io/
> https://github.com/gdicbus/gdicbus.github.io
> home automation
> wp:SharePoint
>    Microsoft's web application framework
> nest thermostat
> wp:Nest Labs
>    bought by Google for $3.2G

This is not a complaint, but I don't understand these "Scribbles" posts?  I'm sure I'm missing some context, but it seems like a long list of incomplete thoughts on a wide range of topics...?

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