[colug-432] !! STALE !! Monthly meeting details for April 2016

Stephen Potter spp at unixsa.net
Wed Apr 27 19:53:38 EDT 2016

On 4/25/2016 10:16 AM, Zach Villers wrote:
> +1 for Ansible - I use it some, but always like to learn more. 

I guess I could give a +1 for Ansible too, since RedHat now owns them 
and I expect they'll start pushing it in favor of Puppet or Chef, even 
though Puppet is a core component to Satellite 6.  Maybe how to leverage 
Ansible with Puppet.  Anyone who has worked with Puppet+Foreman (aka the 
Open Source components of Satellite 6), I would love to learn more about 
how you deal with Puppet from the interface.  I'm finding I don't like 
it much and am starting to do more on the command line, which kind of 
takes away from one of my main goals of allowing our offshore support 
team to use Satellite for more than just basic deployment of new boxes.


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