[colug-432] MLM providers for a non-profit?

Rick Hornsby richardjhornsby at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 09:12:53 EST 2016

As far as MLMs, Mailman is a great tool.  But it is not the most user friendly thing available.

Years ago, I set up a mailman list for a non-profit - Honor Flight Columbus - I volunteered with.  They're still using the Mailman ML, but I've been thinking about how to get them over to something that's more user friendly.  The primary use of the ML is to communicate event information with the hundreds of HF volunteers.

I'm trying to see about options to transition them off my Dreamhost-hosted Mailman onto something that is easier for them to use/manage.  They're not super technical, so obviously an interface like Mailman is understandably overwhelming.  It would be nice (but not required) if they could send an email to the list like they do now.  I'm noticing that some of these commercial providers want you to compose your message in their web interface.

I'm looking at Mailchimp, which has a free tier and maybe Constantcontact.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  Since they're a non-profit, I'd prefer something free but if the cost is reasonable and the management interface friendly enough it might work.


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