[colug-432] enabling PepperFlash in Firefox

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Tue Feb 16 15:17:32 EST 2016

We've had some trouble lately with video at particular web sites.
Twitter serves as the poster child. Most tweets with video say "browser
does not support video". (So how come YouTube works?)

I've been digging around. It seems that Google and Adobe have conspired
to create a new codec-cruncher. (GLAD TO KNOW that some kind of
replacement for the vulnerability-ridden player is being developed.) The
animal is evidently still classed as "unstable" and variously called
"PepperFlash" or "Fresh".

I found the magical repositories to install onto OpenSUSE, but FF
doesn't see the plug-in.
Sym-linking the .so into /usr/lib/browser-plugins (or several other
directories I have tried) doesn't help.
Pointing FF at the .so as a plug-in doesn't work. (No surprise there.)
There's no .xpi file under /opt/google.

I confirmed that Chrome itself can play videos at the test site. That's
an improvement.
Have avoided switching to Chrome as the browser, though using it as a
one-off browser is still on the table as an option.
Presumably Chrome is using this nifty new player.
So how do I tell Firefox to use it?

-- R; <><

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