[colug-432] PHP 7.0.2 method wierd

Vince Herried Vince at PlanetVince.com
Sat Jan 23 13:34:46 EST 2016

I have a class with
       private $tableStr = '';

    function display() {
        // get colgroups/cols
        $this->tableStr .= $this->getColgroups();

        // get sections and their rows/cells
        $this->tableStr .= !empty($this->thead)?
$this->getSection($this->thead, 'thead'): '';
        $this->tableStr .= !empty($this->tfoot)?
$this->getSection($this->tfoot, 'tfoot'): '';

        foreach( $this->tbody_ar as $sec ) {
            $this->tableStr .= !empty($sec)? $this->getSection($sec,
'tbody'): '';

        $this->tableStr .= "</table>\n";
        return $this->tableStr;

in my main line code I want to save this into a file
$tbl = new .....

$fp = fopen('data.txt', 'w');
fwrite($fp, $str);

What happens is the file gets created,  and written in to
and !! the text also appears in my browser stream

If I delete the line $str=$tbl->display();
all is good,  it is almost like the method had
echo $this->tableStr;

How is the
return $this->tableStr;
outputting my string to my browser ?

In another spot in my code I have
echo $tbl -> display();
and it works as expected.

I want to both display the data on the web page, and also use it
to create a pdf or .jpg file which is why I added the write function.

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