[colug-432] Linux MAME cabinet for sale

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Thu Jun 30 16:31:26 EDT 2016

I have a full-size arcade cabinet (Street Smart) that I put in a Celeron
motherboard with Fedora Core 3 (I believe) years ago.

It has a JAMMA interface, and outputs to the original CRT.

It has a menu system controllable by the joystick and buttons and can play
any MAME game just about. PacMan, Rampage, Galaxian, and Zaxxon were some

It could also be a project for someone... the cabinet is untouched, the
computer isn't mounted well on the inside of the cabinet, and there is an
opportunity to add buttons and joysticks. But it works.

I am selling it because I find I have other projects more interesting to me
and this one is collecting dust. I would rather see it used and worked on
than a dust collector.

It will need a dolly and a truck and strong folks to move (from
Marysville)... the cabinet is a real arcade, and real heavy.

I am asking for a free will donation (I suggest $100 -- which is how much
the Python table at the Ohio Linux Fest costs this year), all of which will
go to COhPy or PyOhio expenses.

Email me if interested.

P.S. I also have a Gorgar pinball mid-restoration, and a 30" by 5 foot
executive desk I'm selling if any one is interested.
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