[colug-432] 2016-03-21 CRB Scribbles: rob kinyon qa coverage cyclomatic niarb ryan boder spark pi mark tareshawty json soft boundaries olf oct7, 8 kalamazoox monty python and grails

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Tue Mar 22 12:59:08 EDT 2016

Thanks to covermymeds for hosting crb
    good food marinara chicken/두부 rice salad bread

    Jon Canaday is one of the hosts

    Matt Dardy another host, head of crb

Rob Kinyon rob.kinyon at gmail.com @rkinyon github.com/robkinyon
    QA Quality Assurance
    different attitudes than developers
        code coverage
            coverage: 100% is required
        unit tests
        integration tests
    regression tests
    performance/stress tests
    security tests
    QA care about user acceptance,
    making sure that code does what's needed from a high level standpoint
        thinks like a person
        checks code against user expectation
        # of different paths through code
        >10 is too big
    Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain http://drawright.com/
    ruby is best language to write tests in

wp: prefix means Wikipedia
To get good answers, consider following the advice in the links below.

Ryan Boder ryan.boder at gmail.com @ryanboder Apache Spark in Ruby
    what is his github account? icanoop is 404
    Apache Spark is next generation of big data analytics ala Hadoop
    10 to 100 faster than Hadoop
        does much in memory without writing intermediate data to disk
        (Hadoop writes intermediate data to disk)
    YARN big Hadoop company
    rdd: resilient distributed data set
    Calculate pi by Monte Carlo
        that was most funnest demo

Mark Tareshawty @tarebyte marktareshawty.com works for github
    does JSON
        compare to wp:YAML
    Sinatra app inside Rails app
    splunk watches data

    tmux vim iterm edit selection respects soft boundaries

Warner Moore
    OLF October 7 & 8 @ Hyatt (hmmm, not convention center?)

KalamazooX (aka kalx) http://www.kalamazoox.org/
    folks spoke very well of kalx

2co epiphany to rewrite in .net instead of ruby, was in November 2015

Ben Thompson Exponent Podcast http://exponent.fm/

Pillar and Mutually Human are hiring
            Groovy??? Grails???
            wp:Monty Python and the Holy Grail
            How is grails _not_ written in Python?
        mobile! ios & Android

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