[colug-432] long time, no meeting

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Wed Apr 26 14:16:12 EDT 2017

On 04/25/2017 01:39 PM, Scott Merrill wrote:
>    ...    Rather than strive to find a
> presentation in order to have a meeting, 
> I suggest we schedule the next meeting and work to find a presenter. 
> If none materializes, we can have show-and-tell 
> or lightning talks or just a social hour.

Sounds good!

I have a number of canned talks, stuff that I'm personally interested in
that I would have presented on (sometimes at COLUG).

Apologies if I'm narcissistic, enjoying the sound of my own voice.   :-(
But in all seriousness, if a topic is helpful to the group, I'd be happy
to chat it up. For the "VM Workshop" coming up at OSU in June, I offered
the following ...

  * One Man's Brief Tour of Tor
    -- done at COLUG previously, usually well attended (can't imagine why)
  * Simple Shared Spaces
    -- includes some mainframe tricks, but handy FS sharing usable on
    most platforms
  * Easy DNS (I run 'named' locally for this domain)
    -- not sure if I've presented this one at COLUG
  * Easy PKI (I use an external CA but also have an in-house CA)
    -- not sure if I've presented this one at COLUG

Plus, there's another ...

  * Chicory <http://www.casita.net/chicory/>, "a special blend"

Chicory is a packaging method that I've used for years but lately am
pushing. It has been part of other presentations, but there was no
Chicory-specific deck before now. The point of Chicory is to have
multi-platform, residence-flexible installation of /any package/.
(Doesn't necessarily have to be re-compiled. Depends on how the package
is configured. So for some packages, "no source required".) It's simply
sym-linkery combined with practices picked-up from several Unix
environments; more flexible than RPM but can integrate with RPM; trivial
to "implement" on any POSIX system. Even works on Windoze (with or
without CYGWIN, "it depends").

Sounds too good to be true, but really does work. (Not meaning to
elevate it to "silver bullet" status. Nothing's perfect.)

-- R; <><

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