[colug-432] colug.net and gmail not playing well together?

Rick Hornsby richardjhornsby at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 12:59:13 EST 2017

On March 7, 2017 at 11:55:10, Jeff Frontz (jeff.frontz at gmail.com) wrote:

I just got [what purports to be] a robo mailing from colug-432-reqeuest
saying that my membership was being disabled "due to excessive bounces".  I
have plenty of space on gmail, so I'm thinking that something has changed
in either the colug mail server or in gmail's treatment of mail from it.  I
just checked and I only seem to be missing three messages, all from the
past 24 hours or so (regarding stock Centos wanting to talk to odd IP
addresses) -- though the last mailing list activity was at the end of
February (and I received those messages), so I guess something could have
changed at any time in the past week.

Is anyone else who uses gmail [not] getting these messages from colug.net or
is it just me?

It's not just you. I got the same thing this morning and had to re-enable
my list membership. Until your message, I figured it was just me and
something stupid with gmail so I didn't bother asking. There might be a
bigger issue going on.

I almost changed my subscription email to a different account, except that
almost all of my email addresses forward to my gmail account anyway.
Between this and the spam filtering nonsense we were just talking about on
list, might be time to set up a usable account that's not gmail (and not
forwarded to gmail) for my COLUG subscription.
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