[colug-432] Lenovo Tiny M83 For Sale

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Sat May 4 22:41:20 EDT 2019

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Lenovo M83 Tiny Form Factor and a
couple of USB 3.0 Gigabit NICs to run OPNsense.  It came with Windows 10
Pro.  It runs OPNsense and Linux just fine.  I am not happy with it
because the USB NICs will only do around 30 Mb/s because BSD has
horrible USB NIC support and they are not recommended.

I tried ditching the USB NICs and using 3 VLANs and just using the 1
ethernet port and this actually worked pretty well and I was able to get
110 Mb/s from my ISP.  But, when I enable IPv6 the OS has issues and
will take down the network interface after a couple of minutes.  After a
couple more minutes it will reset them and come back up and then
repeat.  Perhaps I am doing something stupid.

I had fun with this long enough and want to just sell it and buy a mini
PC with 4 or more NICs.  I figure I would ask here before I put it on ebay.

It has an i5-4590T, 8 GB RAM and a 256GB SSD.

Front ports:
2 USB 3.0
1 Mic
1 Headphone

Back ports:
2 Display ports
3 USB 2.0 ports
1 Gigabit Intel

I'm wanting to get $210 out of it.


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