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Chris Punches punches.chris at gmail.com
Tue May 21 22:16:29 EDT 2019

`feh -Y -x -q -D 5 -B black -F -Z -z -r ${IMAGE_DIRECTORY}`

On Tue, May 21, 2019 at 9:43 PM Rick Hornsby <rhornsby at ktzr.net> wrote:

> I’ve done some cool and fun projects with the RaspberryPi. I’m trying to
> turn one into a photo display for a couple of hours long event. The pi just
> needs to full screen output to HDMI, and will use the venue’s hardware from
> there. If you’ve ever seen the AppleTV screensavers that display/animate
> your personal photos (from iCloud etc - not the Apple-supplied flyover one)
> - that’s the sort of thing I’m looking for. I thought xscreensaver would be
> the best and easiest.
> xscreensaver has a “photo-pile” module, which isn’t great, but would work.
> Even with pushing the GPU memory to 256MB and turning off as many module
> options as I can, the animation is insanely slow and choppy on the pi
> unfortunately. It might just be how it was ported to ARM or something.
> I’ve tried to use these as well:
> * impressive - some kind of bug where it won’t run properly on the pi?
> * photofilmstrip - requires rendering into a video (it’s Fotomagico for
> Linux)
> * feh - seems way more like a dead-simple image previewer than anything
> else
> I could pre-render a video for playback, but I want to use the directory
> of photos as a source because I may not know or have the full set until
> go-time. I’m willing to do some configuration, but I won’t want to sit down
> and have to design a whole slideshow or video.
> any suggestions? My backup plan is to just use one of the built-in photo
> screensavers on my MacBook. They’re perfect, except for the running on my
> laptop part.
> thanks!
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