[colug-jobs] Seeking experienced Linux administrator as hourly consultant

Warner Moore wmoore at 2co.com
Mon May 2 16:50:32 EDT 2011

	Please see the job description below.  I am seeking a strong candidate and will not seriously consider candidates that cannot perform at the level identified.

Systems Administrator (Linux Consultant)
We are looking for a consultant with strong experience in Open Source technologies.  We expect a minimum of five years of strong Linux (RHEL/CentOS) experience required with a focus on Internet technologies.
Aware of best practices, system monitoring, high availability, disaster recovery techniques, and all levels of systems administration skills.  A dedicated person serious about their career with attention to detail and consistent follow-through.

Must be able to understand existing infrastructure standards quickly and apply them consistently without deviation throughout buildout.  Should understand expectations within well-run IT department with minimal supervision.

The choosen systems administrator will be responsible for establishing infrastructure in a new data center, which will be built using existing standards and architecture with minor variations to accommodate multiple physically diverse sites.

Detailed Responsibilities

*	Responsible for building LAMP (PERL and PHP) and Java (Jboss) Web servers using for internally developed applications using established build standards.
*	Understands the operation of PHP and mod_perl applications, able to configure and administrate the infrastructure and technologies to support these development platforms.
*	Able to utilize SQUID as a transparent proxy using rewrites and caching for public facing Web application.
*	Proven success implementing LVS, ldirectord, heartbeat, and other Linux high availability software.
*	Successfully implemented netfilter firewalls using iptables and Shorewall or equivilant front-end technologies.
*	Created customized monitoring solutions using SNMP, PERL, bash, and Nagios to satisfy detailed monitored requirements that are supported using out of box technologies.
*	Implemented security standards for server infrastructure and understands the implementation of security scanners (OpenVAS) and host based IDS (AIDE) as well as network based IDS (snort).
*	Awareness of PCI  DSS Level 1 and the implications surrounding the standard is desireable.
*	Experienced with BASH and PERL scripting, able to understand and operate customized build scripts.
*	Understands network routing and subnets in the context of the identified infrastructure.
*	Experienced with MySQL replication and common architectures for highly available implementations.

Warner Moore
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