[colug-jobs] LDAP opportunity

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Fri Sep 27 14:56:19 EDT 2013

Apologies for forwarding a recruiter's email, but this one is a little
different in that it is explicitly looking for expertise with the open
source 389 Directory Server project.  It's at Chemical Abstracts, if
that matters.

If you're interested, please contact Jenna Giancaterino at 614.896.2044.

·         Qualified candidates must possess senior-level technical
knowledge and expertise regarding the 389 Directory Server open source
LDAP software (a.k.a. 389 DS).  An individual is needed to serve as
technical lead on a project to replace current Oracle Directory Server
software in use at CAS with 389 DS.  Functionally, 389 DS has proven
suitable to CAS needs.  However, CAS IT has been unable to provide a
configuration using 389 DS that is sufficiently scalable to meet the
peak demand placed on the 389 DS by dependent third party and
CAS-written applications.  Software modification may be required to
realize scalability improvements to a 389 DS configuration.  Required
skills include a senior-level technical understanding of 389 Directory
Server internals and ability to apply software modifications if
required.  This would include working with the open source community
to merge software changes back to publically available 389 DS source

·         Experience in coding with the use of C/C++ and Java
programming languages also is needed to understand the code-level
interactions between 389 DS and other software written in these

Required Soft Skills:

Qualified candidates must:

·         Have good written and verbal communication skills using the
English language

·         Collaborate with software developers as well as IT
infrastructure engineers on a specific project assignment.

·         Work within the construct of a defined project management methodology.

Required Specific Application Experience:

389 Directory Server, an open source LDAP solution

Nice-to-Have Skills:

·         Direct understanding of the installation and configuration
of LDAP technologies other than 389 DS.

·         Ability to identify and implement software optimizations to
interactions between LDAP technologies such as 389 DS, and identify
and access technologies such as CA SiteMinder.

Certification(s) Required:


Description of Services:

Provide expertise required to deliver a configuration using 389 DS
LDAP that meets defined scalability requirements of third party and
CAS-written applications.

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